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The strategy that grew a sports bars Facebook page 4x in a span of 48 hours...

I don't believe I am giving this strategy away, but it is the holiday season and I am feeling quite generous... :)

So here is the strategy that gave a high energy sports bar 4x the Facebook page likes it had in a span of 48 hours and here is how YOU can apply this as well!

Step #1: Log in to your personal Facebook page.

Step #2: From your personal Facebook page go to the page you would like to grow (For example if my name is John Smith, I would be logged into my account and let's say my restaurant is called John Smith's Bar & Grill then I would go to that page from my personal account).

Step #3: Go down on the right side and click on the "Invite your friends" to like this page.

Step #4: PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF THEM ALL! Right up top where you could write a personalized message, MAKE SURE TO WRITE it and not Facebook's automated response that may go like "Hi, I'm inviting you to like my Page because I thought you might be interested in supporting it". Everyone gets these types of invites and do not be like everyone! If you actually want people to like your page you need to put some thought into the personalized message that you will send out to your potential fans!

A good example would be... "Hey and happy Tuesday! If you could please press "Like" on our Facebook Page that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!


This is much more personalized than the typical automated Facebook response and is much more likely to convert into a new page like that can potentially be a new lifelong customer!

Step #5: Click on "Not invited" then click on "Select all" and then click "Send invites". In one click, you can send up to 5,000 invites to potential fans as well as paying customers!

*BONUS TIP: Have each owner, staff member, and loyal employee do this same process as well and watch your TARGETED Facebook page likes grow!*

We have grown a Facebook page like this from 107 total page likes to 428 in a span of 48 hours! Pretty powerful stuff, if utilized :)

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Have a great day,

-Modestas Masilionis

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